Got unwanted gift cards? Exchange them for something you really want at Rathdrum Trading Post Hardware!

Not all gift cards are created equal. We’ve all gotten gift cards for places we don’t exactly care for. Maybe it’s for a store you never shop at or a restaurant where the food is only meh and the service is terrible.  Instead of throwing those unwanted cards in a drawer to be forgotten forever or accidentally regifting the same card to the person who gave it to you to begin with, bring them to us. As long as you have the physical card or certificate and we can verify the value, we will accept it as payment in the store. There are exceptions of course as the gift card has to be for somewhere local or verifiable online.  Sorry, but we cannot accept a gift certificate from ‘Cousin Eddie’s Worm Farm in Coolidge, Kansas.’

 So the next time you open up that envelope and find a less than desirable gift card in it, don’t look disappointed or say something you may regret.  Just smile knowing that you can exchange it for what you really want at Rathdrum Trading Post Hardware!